Choosing The Right Sink

A sink is one of the most used features in the kitchen. Selecting the right sink is necessary to make your cleaning workload easier in the kitchen. This decision will affect you as long as you work in the kitchen and the sink remains in use. You will find various design options like the belfast sink. There are many things to consider when choosing a sink for your kitchen.

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The Kitchen Style

First you should determine the theme of your kitchen. The sink you buy should match this theme and integrate seamlessly with other items. You may have planned a modern, traditional or rustic style for your kitchen. Find the sink that will match the style of your kitchen interior. Pay attention to the shape, size, colour and other features. You want a sink that is convenient to use and offers all the features that you will need to clean the dishes, vegetables, fruits and other items.


Kitchen sinks are available in various materials. Most homeowners prefer fireclay and stainless steel sinks. These sinks are easy to clean and maintain. Heavy impact can damage the fireclay sink and force you to go for a replacement. A metal sink will be slightly damaged with such an impact but will not require replacement. At the same time, this type of accident generally does not happen in the kitchen so you can go ahead and choose a sink made with any of these materials. You will also find sinks made of cast iron and acrylic. The cast iron sink is affordable and durable while the acrylic sink is easy to install. Granite and composite sinks are scratch and rust resistant. Sinks made of these materials can be found in various colours, shades and textures.


You will find under mount, top mount, surface top and other designs of sinks for the kitchen. Each type of sink has its advantages and limitations. Some designs make it easier to collect the scraps and crumbs while others cost less to install. Some sink designs are preferred for a particular type of countertops. For example, a top mount sink works better with a wood laminate countertop.


Most people install a single bowel sink that is cheaper, easier to install and easy to maintain. However, sinks with more bowls offer more features and convenience. You will find 60/40 and 50/50 division sinks. The first number indicates the main bowl used for cleaning the items while the second number indicates the remaining space used for drying the cleaned item or for another purpose. The design you select depends on how you plan to use your sink, what features will make your sink jobs easier, and your budget. Sinks with more bowls are generally larger in size and cost more. Such sinks take up more space and require costlier installation.

The Bowl Depth

Standard bowl depth is preferred but some people look for deeper bowl depth that help avoid water splashes and make it easy to clean larger size pots and pans. A deeper sink can accommodate a larger number of items that require cleaning.

Consider all these things when selecting a sink for your kitchen.